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February 13th, 2007
Two people in three days... Just proves how short life really is. Enjoy life while you can, don't hold grudges, treat people how you want to be treated, and never, ever forget to let someone know you love them.. because you'll never know if it's the last time you're going to see them.

Rest in peace Mr. Ackall and Mr. Kalousek. You will be missed and remain in our hearts forever.

October 4th, 2006
hmm lets see.. quick entry
homecoming was a blasttt!
i'll have pictures up sometime soon :]
i love my best friends
and i've been working out everyday
after school :D
I think i'm trying out for volleyball
a little iffy about that though
but i need to get in shape
school is good, im getting good grades
and i'm talking to a lot of people i normally
wouldnt :] it's nice
GAME FRIDAY! i'm excited..
well gotta go do my homeworkkkk

September 22nd, 2006
life is great
homecomming is soon
and i'm reallly excited
me and lauren are having a
danceoff with ashlynne and amy
they're gunna lose lol
i'm excited to wear my dress!
and me & Lauren are gunna go get
our nails done and get our hair done
together. I'm so glad i have a best friend
like her! :] ♥

My homecoming dress!

August 30th, 2006

I got my schedule :]

1-Acc Analysis Cosgrove
2-Spanish 4 Massucci
3-American Govt. Newitt
4-Child develpment Foley
5-Chemistry McQuade
6-Creative Writing Wells
C Lunch

I'm gunna work really hard on getting a 4.0
cause this is the year that counts. I had a 3.9
last year so i'm sure it wont be that hard
to raise it.

i'm not looking forward to summer ending :[
but i love friday night football games ♥
and more importantly, going to them with my bestie
i love her & i don't know what i'd do without her. :]

August 12th, 2006
I haven't updated this thing in forever. Summers been great so far.. just hangin out with people and doing my own thing. :D this summer has been so great, i'm not looking forward to going back to school. i've made a lot of new friends and got close to people i never thought i would, its great! :D I'm kind of noctournal, which isn't good considering school is in less than a month. Tina came back what seems like forever ago, I've been hanging out with her and gracie practially everyday. I love them :] aside from that.. my parents are going to vegas on monday, woo woo partayyyy. jk ;] I was gunna go to canada but i decided not to, so instead i've been cleaning, painting, and watching laguna beach all day. :D

July 22nd, 2006
If you comment on this post:
1. I’ll respond with something random about you
2. I’ll challenge you to try something
3. I’ll pick a color that I associate with you
4. I’ll tell you something I like about you
5. I’ll tell you my first/clearest memory of you
6. I’ll tell you what animal you remind me of
7. I’ll ask you something I’ve always wanted to ask you
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on yours

June 30th, 2006
goin to maryland for a week :)
ill update this with pics when
i come back.
i'll miss u guys,
especially lauren and maxie poo :(

June 20th, 2006
some things that are goin on right now..:
tina went to japan :(
everything is pretty gay right now
i havent seen lauren in 3 days
but im going to the spree with her tomorrow
and meeting ash and sarah up
there wednesday hopefully :)
Melanie is coming this weekend
and charlie's party is on sunday :)
boys are gay
and im moving soon.

June 11th, 2006
This summers going to be a good one, i can already tell :D

May 30th, 2006
okay so this past week has been great! I spent every single day from thursday till now with my best friend.
Wednesday was my birthday, it wasn't anything too special because there isnt much you can do on a wednesday night. School was fun, Erica made me a cake and I made cupcakes for Uriah, except everyone ate all of them, but thats okay. The table sang me happy birthday and i was pissed off because i told them not to, not because i was embarassed or anything, just because it brought back old memories.. so that kind of put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. I went home and hung out with my big bro and what not, then made a cake for Erica.
After school Thursday, I went out to eat with my mommy and bestie Laur Laur. ;] We went to Champs... i wasn't even that hungry though. Lauren and my mom were being gay and told the waiter it was my birthday so they brought me ice cream and sang to me, i told them i didnt want them to sing to me but they like to do things against my will or whatever.. its all good. After dinner Lauren came back to my crib and we hung out =] Then she called her mom and went home =[
Friday I went to school and thats it. Hahah just kidding. Friday I went to school then came home and cleaned and packed and stuff, then Lauren and myself went to the Hayatt :D People came after us and shit and we partied it up and drank and all that good stuff.. we were kind of out of it u know... haha ill post pics at the end of this entry if you guys care to read it. The hotel was so fuckin fun, except these two arab dudes were everywhere we went.. it was kind of creepy but we pranked them. :D We went to bed around 3ish.
Saturday we woke up at like 11 cause we had to check out, so we cleaned the hotel room and packed up our shit then left. I got shit ready for my party and what not and was lazy like all day.. u know what drinking does lol.
Sunday was my party. I had a lot of fun, my whole family +Lauren was here.. Laurens pretty much part of the fam now lol. I made like 900 bucks from my generous family members, and I am about to get a car soon! Kinda nifty if you ask me. After my party, me, tina, and lauren walked to tinas house and a bunch of guys were walking behind us and shit whistling and stuff and laur got scared.. shes so cute. Then Grace, Tina, Johnny, Charlie, Lauren, and myself went to Sinbad's. We were supposed to go bowling first but it was closed so we just went to arab capital USA. it was fun as hell i love going out with them. We went back to laurens and got her stuff then she stayed the night.
Mondayyyy my whole family and lauren went to the lake. =] we got the nicest tan in the whole world, it was so fun. There were a lot of perverts there though, they were all old and nasty. I dont even remember what we did at the lake alls i know is it was fun. I love my family :D
Today I went to school.. nothing too specaial. After school we went to laurens house for a few then walked to mine. Jessica called and asked if we wanted to hang out so we went to the mall.. it was kind of fun though i expierenced many near death expiriences. I came home and Johnny stopped by for a few. lauren and myself talked to him and stuff.. then we played volleyball, then she left and i cleaned and stuff.. and now im supposed to be doing my homework but i dont feel like it.
Tomorrow I think i'm hanging out with laurenn, i love that girl to death and i dont know what i would do without her.
PicturesssssCollapse )

May 11th, 2006
Life's just like a treadmill. No matter how fast you go or how hard you try, you'll sometimes never get anywhere. It's like riding a fast rollercoaster blindfolded. There will be ups and downs, and you won't know when there will be sharp turns..you won't even when it'll end. Life's like a book. Every page is a mystery..but you're the one in charge of the pen. When things go wrong, life is like an hour glass. Sooner or later the sand hits rock bottom, but all you have to do is be patient and wait for someone to just turn everything around. It's like walking in the snow. Be careful with the steps you take because every footprint will show. Making a mistake doesn't matter..what matters is how determined you are to fix it. But remember, a mistake is like writing on a foggy window..no matter how hard you try to cover it up, if you look close enough it's still there.

April 29th, 2006
Four years of my life. So many times together...
...And I still 
get  butterflies in my stomach when I see you.

Stolen from Kara =] [Tuesday
April 18th, 2006
01. Name: Shereen
02. Birth date: May 24
03. Birthplace: Garden City, Mi.
04. Current Location: Westland
05. Eye Color: Brown
06. Hair Color: dark brown.
07. Height: 5'3
08. Righty or Lefty: righty.
09. Zodiac Sign: Gemeni
11. Nicknames: Shereeno reeno reen been beeno. the list goes on
12. Pets: one dog =]
13. Siblings: Charlie and Jessica

14. What did you do yesterday? Went to my little cousins birthday party and made fun of his friends.
16. What are you doing tomorrow?:Doctors then who knows
17. What are you listening to?: Nothing
18. What country would you most like to visit?: Italy
19. What are you most afraid of?: SPIDERSSSSSSSSSs
20. What are you wearing?: sweats.
21. What are you thinking about right now?: I have to pee
22. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?: Im not a crayon so it doesnt fuckin matter
23. One pillow or two, cotton or feather?: 3 feather pillows for me =)
24. How do you eat a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup?: chew it?

25. Single?: unfortunatly.
27. Understanding?: yes.
28. Arrogant?: No
29. Insecure?: At times
30. Interesting?: of course.
31. Friendly?: always
32. Smart?: yeah
33. Moody?: nope
34. Childish?: Theres a little kid in everyone =)
35. Independent: Yes.
36. Emotionally Stable?: i guess
37. Shy?: At first.
38. Attractive?: no.
39. Bored Easily?: hell yeah
40. Responsible?: Yup
41. Sad?: No.
42. Obsessive?: no.
43. Obsessive compulsive?: no
44. Psycho?: nope

45. Your heritage?: Palestinian, Lebenese, greek, turkish or some shit? idk. mostly palestinian
46. Your weakness?: yeaa yea lets not get into that
47. Your fears?: Insects and shots
48. Your perfect pizza?: Black olives and onions
50. Your current Mood?: mad
51. Your current Music?: birds chirping
52. Your current Taste?: Water
53. Your current Hair?: curly.
54. Your current Smell: Tropical air freshener stuff.
55. Your current Favorite Celebrity?: i dont care.
56. Your most overused phrase on AIM/AOL/MSN?:"lol"
57. Your thoughts first waking up?: I have to pee.
58. Your best physical feature?: boobs lol
59. Your bedtime?: whenever i am tired..
60. Your most missed memory?: you know.. stuff.. and other stuff.. and josh
61. Your good luck charm?: dont have one
62. Your favorite quote?: everything happens for a reason
63. The Worst song you ever heard: pop a zao
64, the last thing you ate: ritz
65. The Last thing you said?: "okay.."
66. The best song you ever heard?: Lots.
67. The shoes you wore today?: flipy flopies.
68. The Most embarrassing thing you've done?: everything i do is embarassing =)
69. Your room is like?: Clean
70. Goal you'd like to achieve?: drop a few lbs

71. Fallen for your best friend?: yeah
72. Made out with JUST a friend?: no.
73. Been rejected?: Who hasn't?
74. Been in love?: Mhm.
75. Been in lust?: yes'm.
76. Used someone?: nope
77. Been used?: most likely..
78. Cheated on someone?: Nope.
79. Been cheated on?: yea
80. Done something you regret?: people learn from their mistakes
81. Loved someone so much it made you cry?: me..cry? no way
82. Smoked?: Yes ma'am.
83. Broken the law?: Mhm.
84. Broken a bone?: yup
85. Cheated on a test?: No
86. Skinny dipped?: Mhm.
87. Played truth or dare?: yes.
88. Flashed someone?: no
89. Mooned someone?: nah
90. Kissed someone you didn't know?: Naw.
91. Been in a physical fight?: with the sibbys
92. Ridden in a police car?: for fun
93. Been on a plane?: Yes
94. Come close to dying?: yeah
95. Been in a sauna?: Yes
96. Been in a hot tub?:Uh huh.
97. Swam in the ocean?: several times
98. Done illegal drugs?: DRUGS!? no
99. Played a game that required removal of clothing?: no
100. If so, was it mixed company?: dsfsd
101. Been trashed or extremely intoxicated?: intoxicated, whats that mean ;)
102. Been called a tease?: no
103. Gotten beaten up?: No.
104. Considered a life of crime?: haha one time i told my momma i was gunna be a drug dealer
105. Considered being a hooker?: No

114. Color your hair?: no
115. Have tattoos?: No
116. Have Piercings?: Yep
117. Floss daily?: yea
118. Own a web cam?: yea
119. Ever get off the damn computer?: all the time
120. Like Parks? love em
121. Like school?: sometimes
122. Collect anything?: not really.
123. Work?: hell naw
124. Like shopping?: yes.
125. Party?: yes.
126. Smoke?: no.
127. Sing?: yes.
128. Have a crush?: ...
129. Do you think you've been in love?: Mhm.
130. Want to go to college?: yea
131. Like(d) high school?: its nice at times.
132. Want to get married? yea
133. Believe in yourself?: sometimes.
134. Get motion sickness?: nope.
135. Think you're attractive?: no
136. Think you're a health freak?: No?
137. Get along with your parent(s)? Majority of the time, yes.
138. Like thunderstorms?: LOVE THEM!
139. Play an instrument?: No.
140. Do you have a lava lamp?: it broke
141. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: No, i sleep with my doggy

142. Pepsi or Coke: pepsi
143. McDonald's or Burger King: Micky ds
144. Single or group dates: idk
145. Adidas or Nike: adidas
146. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Arizona.
147. Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla.
148. Cappuccino or coffee: Both.
149. Chicken or fish: Chicken.
150. Thongs or Panties (girls only please): thongs.
151. Boxers or Briefs : ..?
152. Candy or mints: both

153. Drank alcohol?: yeah
154. Smoked?: Nope.
155. Done a drug?: Nope.
156. Had Sex?: Nope.
157. Made Out?: no
158. Gone on a date?: no.
159. Gone to the mall?: Mhm.
160. Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: Never.
161. Eaten sushi?: No.
162. Been on stage?: NO again.
163. Been dumped?: NOPE.
164. Gone skating?: no.
165. Made homemade cookies?: Mhm.
166. Gone skinny diping?: nope.
167. Dyed your hair?: Nope..
168. Stolen anything?: No.

169. Best eye color: any.
170. Best hair color: Brown.
171. Short or long hair: both.
172. Height: Taller than me
173. Best weight: more than me.
174. Best articles of clothing: anything.
175. Best first date location: anywhere.
176. Best first kiss location: idk.

177. Aliens?: no
178. Angels?: yes.
179. Heaven?: yes.
666. Hell?: yes
180. God?: Of course =)
181. Yourself?: at times.
182. Ghosts?: Mhm.
183. Love?: Mhm.
184. Love at first sight: No.
185. The tooth fairy?: No.
186. Santa Claus?: No.
187. The Easter Bunny?: no
188. Cupid? No.

Real shooooort survey ;] [Sunday
April 16th, 2006
01. Have you ever really cried your heart out? Pretty much.
02. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep? Not often
03. Have you ever cried on your friend's shoulder? Ohhhh yes.
04. Have you ever cried over the opposite sex? Unfortunately.
05. Do you cry when you get an injury? Not usually
06. Do certain songs make you cry? a selected few

01. Are you a happy person? For the most part yeah.
02. What can always make you happy? The littlest things make me happy
03. Do you wish you were happier? Sometimes.
04. Is being happy overrated? No?
05. Can music make you happy? Totally.

01. How many times have you had your heart broken? One
02. Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd die for them? yeah
03. Anyone besides your friends/family ever said they loved you? Yeah.
04. Have you ever been head over heels? i guess you could say that
05. Who are two people you love right now? What kind of love? love love or just love?

01. Who do you actually hate? No one
02. Have you ever made a hit list? Noooo
03. Have you ever been on a hit list? I would hope not.
04. Are you a mean bully? Only to annoying little kids lol lauren ;]
05. Do you hate George Bush? hate wouldnt be the word

01. Are you good looking? I dont think so
02. Do you wish you could be someone else? No, im happy being who i am.

I HAVE ...
[x] done drugs
[ ] been to a rave.
[x] ridden in a taxi.
[x] jumped a ramp with a bike.
[x] been used.
[ ] ran from the cops.
[ ] been fired
[ ] snuck into a movie.
[ ] got hit by a car
[x] fired a real gun.
[x] snuck out of the house.
[ ] been arrested.
[ ] gone in a mosh pit.
[x] stolen something from your school.
[ ] celebrated New Year's in Times Square or Disney World
[ ] gone on a blind date.
[ ] had a crush on a teacher
[ ] celebrated Mardi-Gras in New Orleans.
[x] been to Europe.
[ ] been to Australia
[ ] been to Hawaii
[x] skipped school.
[ ] thrown up from drinking.
[x] played 'Clue'.
[x] had a sleepover.
[x] gone ice skating.
[x] been cheated on.
[ ] had your tonsils out.
[ ] have/had a TRUCK.
[x] driven a car.
[ ] totaled a car.
[ ] flashed someone
[ ] been flashed

DO YOU ...
[x] feel loved.
[x] feel lonely.
[x] feel happy.
[ ] hate yourself.
[x] have a dog.
[x] sing along with your music.
[ ] listen to Hawaiian Music.
[x] listen to rock
[x] listen to punk
[x] listen to hip hop
[x] listen to rap.
[x] listen to country.
[ ] listen to reggae.
[x] listen to techno.
[ ] listen to hardcore.
[x] listen to pop.
[x] listen to r&b.
[ ] listen to jazz.
[x] listen to indie.
[x] listen to christian music
[x] listen to bands that can't be put into a category.
[x] listen to showtunes
[x] have hobbies
[ ] skateboard.
[x] Get good grades
[ ] play an instrument.
[x] have slippers.
[x] wear boxers
[x] wear eyeliner
[x] wear mascara
[x] like the color blue.
[x] like the color pink.
[x] like the color red
[x] like the color green
[x] like the color black
[x] like the color purple
[x] like neon colors
[ ] think all those colors are okay except the ones you x-ed are better
[ ] like to read
[x] like to write.
[x] Have long hair.
[ ] have medium length hair.
[ ] have short hair.
[ ] have a laptop.
[ ] have a pager.
[x] have a cellphone

[x] bored
[x] happy
[ ] upset
[ ] blonde
[x] brunette
[ ] a redhead
[ ] Samoan
[ ] Philipino
[ ] Korean
[ ] French
[x] American
[ ] Italian
[ ] Black
[ ] Mexican
[ ] Asian
[x] A Christian
[ ] A Muslim
[ ] Polish
[ ] Irish
[ ] German
[ ] Austrian
[ ] Russian
[ ] Norwegian
[ ] Danish
[ ] Hispanic
[x] Other
[ ] No clue.
[ ] a Hindu.
[ ] a scientologist
[ ] agnostic
[ ] athiest
[ ] satanist
[ ] religiously confused
[x] short
[ ] average
[ ] tall.
[x] realistic.
[x]an emotional person.
[x]IMing someone.
[x] scared to die.
[ ] buzzed
[ ] high
[x] caffeinated
[x] annoyed.
[ ] hungry.
[x] thirsty.
[x] on the phone.
[x] in your room.
[ ] drinking something.
[ ] eating something.
[x] very ticklish
[x]listening to music

01. What is your current hair color? dark brown
02. Whats your natural color? Dark brown
03. What color are your eyes? Brown.
04. Current Piercings? Two in each ear.
05. Straight Hair or Curls? Right now its curly but i straighten it sometimes

01. What shirt are you wearing? 2008 sweats
02. Shorts? noo
03. Shoes? Not wearing any
04. Underwear? turquoise
05. Necklaces? none

01. Rock or rap; rap
02. Coffee or Hot Cocoa; Coffee
03. Wild Night out or Romantic Night in; Wild night out
04. Chocolate or Vanilla; Vanilla.
05. Hummer or Sports Car; Sports car.
06. Bracelet or Necklace; Necklace.
07. History or Science; SCIENCE
08. Sleep in or Early to rise; Sleep in.
09. Beach or Boardwalk; Beach.
10. Hoodie or Tee Shirt; Hoodie.
11. Night or Day; both
12. High School or college; Highschool, for now that is.
13. California or Florida; California.
14. Love at first sight or Learn to Love; Learn to love

01. Hugged someone? yeah
02. Been on the phone until the sun came up? Yes <3
03. Put a song on repeat for more than an hour? Hah. once or twice
04. Laughed so hard you peed in your pants? no but i laugh until i cry all the time if that counts :]

01. person you talked to in person? Daddy
02. person you talked to online? Grace
03. person you talked to on the phone? Charlie
05. laugh? haha i laugh at everything and anything
06. last time you had a shower? Last night.

01. Do you like surveys? When im bored
02. What kind of shampoo do you use? Panteine pro v and herbal essences
03. Do you get along with your parents? Kinda
04. Do you have mental breakdowns? No
05. Did you ever fake being sick? nope

01. Current Mood; Tired
02. Current music; Nothing
03. Current hair; Scrunched
04. Current Longing; the sun
05. Current Thing I Ought To Be Doing; Cleaning my room
06. Current Windows Open; Internet explorer and AIM ;]
07. Current desktop picture; pink stars or some shit
08. Current Favorite Music Artist; cant pick

April 16th, 2006
bored.. happy easter yall

F . A . M . I . L . Y:
[x] A mother.
[x] A father
[ ] A younger brother.
[x] A younger sister.
[x]An older brother.
[ ] Step siblings
[ ] An older sister.
[ ] Grandfather
[x] Grandmother
[x] Cousins
[ ] Half brother or sister

F . R . I . E . N . D . S:
[x] Friend(s) who love you.
[x] Trustworthy friends.
[x] Honest friends.
[ ] Backstabbing friends.

A . H . O . M . E:
[ ] an apartment.
[X] A house.
[ ] A trailor (camper)
[ ] Your own room.
[x] A front lawn.
[x] A back yard.
[x] A trampoline.
[ ] A pool.
[ ] A hot tub.
[ ] A pond in your yard.

I . N . Y . O . U . R . R . O . O . M:
[x]More than 3 sources of light.
[x]Painted walls
[x] A computer
[x] A full/queen/king sized bed
[x] i have two beds in my room
[x] An alarm clock
[x] posters on the wall

P . O . S . S . E . S . S . I . O . N . S:
[x] A cell phone.
[x] A hair straightener.
[x] Curling iron.
[x] Sun glasses.
[x] Make-up.
[x] Perfume / Cologne.
[x] Nail polish.
[x] Flip-flops
[x] Necklaces / earrings / bracelets.
[x] More than 4 pairs of shoes.
[x] An i pod/MP3 Player.
[x] digital camera / webcam.
[x] Myspace/ Livejournal / Xanga / Blog
[ ] Something from " Abercrombie&Fitch".
[ ] Something from "Hollister co."
[x] Something from "Pac Sun".
[ ] Something from "Hot Topic".
[x] More than $50.00 in your purse/wallet.
[x] A gift card.
[x] A trophy or award.
[ ] Skis.
[ ] snowboard
[x] Rollerblades
[ ] Skateboard
[x] A pet.
[ ] more than one pet.
[ ] More than four pets.
[x] pop in your refrigerator.
[x] Snacks in your house.
[x] Video games.
[x] X-Box live.
[x] An X-Box.
[x] A PS2.
[ ] A PSP.
[x] A Gamecube.
[x] "old school" nintendo
[x] More than 5 games for X-Box.
[x] More than 5 games for PS2.
[ ] More than 5 games for PSP.
[x] More than 5 games for Gamecube.
[x] A DVD Player.
[x]More than 5 movies on DVD.

A . T . S . C . H . O . O . L:
[x] Your own locker.
[x] A working locker.
[x] A locker near your friends locker.
[x] Good grades.
[ ] Easy classes.
[ ] a backpack
[ ] A notebook for every class.
[x] A book for every class.
[x] Pens / Pencils.
[x] A calculator.
[x] A graphing calculator.
[ ] A ruler.

E . X . T . R . A . S:
[ ] A car.
[ ] boat
[ ] job.
[x] A bike.
[x] A basketball hoop.
[x] soccer net
[x]A store within walking distance

April 1st, 2006
k so i've been thinking a lot lately.. and nothing is the same anymore.. i miss how things used to be, when nothing mattered cuz i always had someone there to cheer me up.. its like one minute you were there, and the next you were gone. Its so hard for me to think about but i just cant help myself, i always find myself thinking of you. I really don't know what to do, on the outside im strong and smiling but if only you knew whats goin through my head. Inside i'm dying.

survey thing [Saturday
February 4th, 2006
Im bored.. . so i thought i'd do this thingy.


• outfit: PJ pants and a tank top
• hairstyle: Messy bun
• jewelry: My heart necklace with my grandma on it & my diamond ring
• underwear: yellow flowery thong lol
• nail color: not wearing any on my hands, but  my toes are red

do you:
• cut yourself: you know it. haha no
• lick yourself: lol not that i know of?
• whine a lot: Only to my mom because she always bitchest at me for everything
• yell a lot: Actually yeah
• hate a lot of people: I dont hate anyone
• have too many friends: Theres no such thing as too many
• want to die: all the time
• have a bf/gf: Nope
• do drugs: Define drugs
• wear dark colors: I wear every color
• dye your hair: Not frequently
• shave strange places: No?

have you ever:
• kissed someone: Yes.
• gotten drunk: Yes.
• worn rainbow: I think
• talked on the phone for over 3 hours: yup
• left the country: yup
• had a party with over 30 people: yea
• taken nude pictures: umm.. I have a picture when i was like 2 months old nakie, but thats all i can think of
• stolen something: Nope
• caught something on fire: haha, yeah, and one time at church i lit my hair on fire on accident
• cheated on someone: Nope
• wanted to cheat on someone: not really...
• asked someone out: a few times ;]
• had a dream, then the next day it happens: all the time

last person:
• you touched: my mom
• you talked to: my mom
• you hugged: Amanda
• you kissed: My daddy
• you instant messaged: My bestest friend ever in the whole world Lauren!
• who broke your heart: =( i'd rather not say.

are you:
• understanding: Very
• open-minded: Yeah
• arrogant: i dont think so
• insecure: Yup
• interesting: i can be
• hungry: Not the least bit
• smart: I would say so
• moody: Nope, only when my mom pisses me off
• childish: When im with the right people :]
• independent: Yeah
• hard working: all the time
• healthy: Kind of?
• emotionally stable: Most of the time
• shy: yeah, but once i get to know people im alright
• difficult: You'd have to tell me
• attractive: nope
• bored easily: No, i make the best of everything
• thirsty: nope im sipping on some h2o right now ;]
• obsessed: with what
• angry: at my mom
• sad: kind of
• happy: kind of
• trusting: not easily
• ill: i have a stuffy nose :(
• talkative: If im talking to people i like
• ignored: isnt everyone at times
• reliable: of course
• self-disciplined: sometimes
• sleepy: nopee
• lonely: arent i always

info about yourself:
• what is your birth name? Shereen Theresa Kassis
• what is your birthday?: May 24, 1990
• current age?: 15
• do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: no.
• how tall are you?: i dunno, 5'4ish
• shoe size?: I dunno, 8 1/2
• brothers/sisters?: 1 brother, 1 sister
• job?: if askin my daddy for money counts

• what is your favorite band?: i have a lot
• color?: turquoise
• soda?: I'm not much of a soda drinker, but i like orange soda & Mountain Dew
• music?: Everythinig
• stores in the mall?: Wet seal or Aeropostale
• ice cream?: Vanilla or chocolate chip cookie dough
• roller coaster?: all of them
• candy?: Take 5 & penut butter M&Ms
• cd?: Ones i make
• cookies?: i dunno
• juice?: orange juice with pulp lol
• holiday?: Christmas
• month?: may

in the last 48 hours:
• cried?: yes
• missed someone?: mhmm
• yelled at someone?: yeah
• changed your underwear?: umm of course
• drove somewhere?: not me personally
• talked to someone on the phone?: yes.
• been online?: yes.
• smiled?: yes.
• had sex?: no
• kissed someone?: on the cheek
• hugged someone?: yes.
• last thing you ate?: choclate =[ thats how u know im depressed lol
• talked to an ugly person?: yeah

have you ever:
• been in love?: yeah
• kissed someone of the same sex: yeah
• been in trouble with the police?: no
• hit someone?: yeah
• broke something?: yes.
• betrayed a friend?: i dont think so
• played strip poker?: no
• skipped school?: yeah, fior a funeral though
• stole something?: no
• shot a gun?: yeah
• broke something important?: yea
• smoked weed?: yea
• dyed your hair?: yes.

okay last questions:
• what is sitting next to you?: my puppy
• do you get along with your mother?: no
• favorite sport?: Volleyball or swimming
• are you gay/lesbian/bi/straight? straight.
• been in a plane?: yes.
• killed someone?: no
• kicked your cat for the hell of it?: Nopeee i dont have one
• slept during class?: yes.
• cheated on a test?: no.
• what time is it now?: 11
• are you tired?: no.

Breakkk! [Thursday
December 29th, 2005
Hey thereeee!
How's everyones break goin? mine is pretty fun, a little mis haps here and there but life goes on i guess. Break is pretty much the same thing everyday for me, hangin out with gracie and tina and goin to malls and out to eat. It's pretty fun to say the least, i love them =]


Saturday (christmas eve)I was supposed to go to church, but my daddy wasn't feelling too good so we didnt end up going, we just kinda chilled at home and played video games and board games all night. I finished wraping the presents while i watched the little mermaid =] then i went online for a bit and then went to bed.

Sunday(Christmas)- Woke up really early to let my doggy out then I wished my daddy a happy birthday =] then i went back to sleep, then woke up at 9:30 and waited for everyone to wake up so we could open our presents, then it was time for the Christmas Clean-up Crew. Then my parents and Charlie went to the cemetary, but i didnt want to go just because i'm not ready yet =\ its sad to think that she's gone and shes never coming back =[ I miss her. Anywaysss.. I went to Grace's house later that night and celebrated Tina's birthday! =] We took a lot of pictures and played Taboo and yeah, it was fun. I went home around 2ish then went online and went to bed..

Monday I woke up bright and early and cleaned and did laundry and made like 34293 cakes and cupcakes and jello and stuff because I threw my daddy a birthday party! All my cousins and aunts and uncles came over and it was pretty fun. Then i went to teeny weenys house and spent the night there! =] we watched four brothers.. well actually they did cuz i fell asleep but its ok ;]

Tuesday-- Woke up in teeny weenys bed ;] went online while she was still sleeping then we went downstiars and ate breakfast and flirted with cute little joe ;] hahaha. I love that house it's my 2nd home =] My momma picked me up and i went to return a few things then went home... Came home and watched tv and just relaxed..

Wednesday i woke up and cleaned and then went to tinas house and chilled there, then i came home and went online and watched tv and stuff then Tina called me and asked me if i wanted to go to the mall with her and a few people so we went to 12 oaks and i got hot so i bought a shirt from there and i wanted to put it on so i went into a mens fitting room and tina came with me and i changed.. but there was no one around when i went in there then when we got out the worker dude gave us a weird look and me and teeny weeny cracked up! =] it was funny.. then I went to Rams horn with Aziz tina tina sonya and grace =] they are sweet people. Then i went home around 3 and went to bed.

This morning I woke up to a beautiful text message from gracie =] Ended up hangin out with her and tina yet again today.. big surprise eh? Well anyways, we went to grace's friends house for a bit then we went to great lakes crossing. I bought some clothes then came home and ate then my momma came home with some more purfume and makeup for me =] woo hoo. Now im just sitting here bored..

Anyone wanna do anything tomorrow? Let me knowwww!

new year fools [Thursday
December 22nd, 2005

In the beginning of 2005...
Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? yeah
What was your outlook on the world? That everything happened for a reason and that one day everything will be how its supposed to
How were you doing at school/your job? great
What did you most look forward to? summer
Did you make New Year's Resolutions? Nope
What was your biggest worry? If my grandma would be okay or not..
Who was your best friend? Lauren & Josh
What did you do with your spare time? Never really had any spare time but hung out with friends

What did you do for fun?  same shit i still do

In the middle of 2005-- the summer!
Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? kind of, but then kind of not?
Had your outlook on the world changed? yeah
What did you spend your summer doing? Hung out with Lauren every single day and cleaned and cooked and went to my aunts house

Did you get tan? hell yeah =[ im albino now
Who'd you hang out with, mainly? lauren/josh
Did you go visit anywhere? yeah
What was your biggest worry? my mom coming back :-X
What was the most fun event that happened? lots... =\

And as the year drawns to an end...
And how's your relationship status now? single
What major changes have happened since the year began? Umm i became closer with my fam =] and i try not to argue as much as i used to
Is your life any different from when it started this year? yeah, but not for the better

What thing that happened stands out in your mind? granny dying =[
How have you changed? a lot of ways
What was the most embarrassing moment? When i thought caucasia was a place... :-[
When was your lowest point? im at one of 'em right now actually
Are you happy with how the year went? for the most part, a few poopy things tho
What thing would you change if you could? nothing.

For 2006...
What do you plan to not do that you did this year? no idea
Do you think it'll be better than this year? nope, it only gets harder for me =[
Do you think it'll be WORSE than this year? i dunno, maybe
What do you plan to do next year? live life day by day
What are your pre-New Year's resolutions? i dunno. lose a few pounds [= 
Who are you spending New Year's Eve with? Family or friends. =]

And to wrap it up..
What one thing would you like to say as the year is almost done? no idea.. i made a few choices, some good some bad but in the end everythin happened for a reason and sooner or later ill be where i wanna be in life

- - - - - - - - - - -

IN 2005 I..

[x] broke a promise

[X] made a new best friend

[x] fallen in love

[] fallen out of love

[x] done something you swore never to do

[X] lied

[] stole

[x] went behind your parents back

[x] cried over a broken heart

[X] dissapointed someone close

[x] hidden a secret

[X] pretended to be happy

[] got arrested

[] kissed in the rain

[X] slept under the stars

[] kept your new years resolution

[X] forgot your new years resolution

[x] met someone who changed your life

[didnt meet her but got reealllly close to her] met one of your idols

[X] changed your outlook on life

[X] sat home all day doing nothing

[x] pretended to be sick

[X] left the country

[x] almost died

[x] given up something important to you

[X] lost something that meant a lot to you

[X] learned something new about yourself

[X] tried something you normally wouldnt try and liked it

[X] made a change in your life

[BIG X ON THAT ONE] found out who your true friends were.

[X] made a total fool of yourself

[X] met great people

Good bye 2005, and welcome 2006!!!!!


December 21st, 2005
im gunna start using this again =]
either this or my live journal...
♥ butt i dont feel like
updatin this now cuz im too tired.
good night loves.

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